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NaBii Organics natural ramie facial pads are the perfect companion for our natural soaps. These pads are 100% natural, made of a plant fiber called ramie, a strong fiber from the nettle plant family. This pads are gentle enough for exfoliating your face. Product comes with a strap that secures the pad to your finger tips.

Ramie Face Exfoliation Pad (Order includes two (2) face pads)

  • Ramie fibers are derived from the stem of a nettle plant called China grass (Boehmeria nivea) which is a strong, durable, mildew resistant fiber. It is often found combined with cotton in knitted and woven fabrics.

    Ramie should be hand washed or machine washed in cold or warm water to prevent shrinking or stretching. Woven ramie cloths can be line dried or tumble-dried on low to medium heat.

     Chloine bleach can weaken ramie fibers.

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