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Sisal Exfoliation Bath Cloth, the perfect bath and shower companion. Use as with any washcloth, lather with soap, and wash. Using this washcloth aids with exfoliation, and will leave your skin feeling soft. 

Sisal Exfoliation Bath Cloth

  • Sisal fibers come from the stem of a cactus plant (Agave sisalana) and are notable for their strength when wet and affordability as a sustainable fiber. Sisal fibers are resistant to deterioration in salt water so they have been traditionally been used for nautical ropes and twine.

    Sisal is now often found in bath and kitchen accessories like bath mitts, rugs, and placemats. Designers have also discovered that when combined with other yarns like wool, sisal can be used to create a lovely, long wearing fabric.

    To clean sisal items, hand wash items in cool water with a mild detergent. Pull the item into its normal shape and size and allow to air dry flat away from direct heat sources.

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