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Cleaner. Greener. Natural Beauty.

NaBii Organics Owner Natasha Harris


NaBii Organics is committed to being moral and ethical. Not only do we use natural, organic products to put on the skin, but we aim to be eco-conscious by using recycled/ recyclable and biodegradable materials in our packaging.


Natasha Harris

After living and working in South Korea for over a decade, I returned to the U.S. and began working in the health and human services sector.  It fueled a desire that I had for empowering others to live their best lives. During that time, I would witness people who were homeless attain housing, or those who were unemployed attain jobs and careers.  This was so fulfilling.  It was like metamorphoses for them to be in one undesirable situation, however with the ability to set goals and remain accountable to someone, they were achieving feats that were sometimes greater than they had even anticipated. Now how does this relate to organic skincare, you ask?

Health and wellness has always been my true passion. Growing up, I was raised not only with an appreciation for the food that I put inside my body, but with mindfulness for what I put on my skin, because that too would enter my body. This same passion, of using the earth to create edible (through food and skin food), products for others is translated into what we do daily. Taking people who may have undesirable skin issues, whether small like dry or peeling skin to larger issues like eczema or psoriasis and introducing them to new, affordable skincare products that would feed and nourish through the fruits of the earth, essentially renewing their skin and senses.

Our logo is a butterfly; NaBii is the Korean word for butterfly. Butterflies represent a metamorphosis, change or renewal and that is my aim in introducing my skincare products to others; that they will take the first step in creating an atmosphere of change for how they take care of their bodies.


Sustainable Beauty

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