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Illipe Nut Butter – Why You Should Incorporate It into Your Skin and Hair Care

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

If you’ve never tried Illipe nut butter before, you absolutely do not know what you are missing. This exotic natural butter soothes and nourishes dry skin and moisturizes dry hair and is definitely one that you should start incorporating it into your beauty routine.

Illipe butter is obtained from the nuts of shorea stenoptera tree, a magnificent tree that grows in the forests of Borneo. After the nuts are dried in the sun, they are pressed to extract the raw butter inside. What is unearthed is a pale yellow, nutrient-dense solid fat. This fat has many benefits for your skin and hair and is believed to the most nourishing and healing of all butters.

Benefits of Illipe Nut Butter

Illipe nut butter contains oleic, palmitic, stearic, and linoleic fatty acids, as well as vitamins A and E. All of these acids and vitamins have a positive bioactive effect on the body. In simple terms, it means that it can help promote good health, beautiful skin, and even hair. While very thick at room temperature, illipe nut butter melts when in direct contact with the skin. If you suffer from eczema or have very dry skin, you will especially love this butter as it is an amazing natural moisturizer that will leave your skin smooth, supple, and less dull.

Illipe nut butter also reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier; that way, it protects the skin against the elements, helping to retain moisture, inhibiting future damage, and preventing the skin from drying out. All of this is especially important for people with eczema or dermatitis, since their skin is often extremely dry and sensitive, and the skin’s barrier is often damaged and insufficient. Illipe nut butter also helps in treating these issues, soothing the skin and helping to reduce the uncomfortable tightness, redness, and/or itchiness that occur as a result.

Not only is illipe nut butter great for your skin, but it also works wonders for your hair by conditioning dry strands and locking in moisture, ultimately keeping your hair and scalp healthy. What’s even better, illipe nut butter helps with hair loss prevention, taming frizzy hair, smoothing split ends, and regenerating damaged lifeless hair by improving the hair’s elasticity by making it more manageable and adding shine.

How To Use Illipe Nut Butter To Enhance Your Beauty

If you want to try out illipe nut butter, make sure you choose high-quality, well-formulated products. Although it is great to use on its own, even better results are achieved when combined with other nourishing oils or butters.

If you suffer from eczema or have very dry skin, you can try NaBii Organics Eczema Therapy Balm. In addition to illipe nut butter, it contains some of the most nourishing oils, such as sea buckthorn, hemp seed, camellia, pomegranate seed, evening primrose, and vitamin E. Its rich texture and wholesome properties help soothe, heal and restore damaged, irritated skin giving you glowing beautiful skin – just like you’ve always dreamed.

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